Singer Oritsefemi Denies Being A Wife Beater

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Singer Oritsefemi has denied allegations of domestic violence against his wife, Nabila made by actress Caroline Danjuma.

Recall,earlier in the week Oritsefemi had taken to his Instagram page to plead with his wife to come back home and  while accusing Caroline of being the ‘evil’ between himself and his wife.

In response, Caroline had insinuated that there was domestic violence between the couple.

In a recent interview  Oritsefemi  however has denied being a wife beater.

He said, “Honestly, I do not have any problem with my wife. (Whatever Caroline said) was her own issue. There has never been any case of domestic violence in my home. Did my wife say it anywhere that I was violent towards her? It means there is nothing like that. I am telling you the gospel truth.

“I don’t have any problem with anybody. I just want to thank Nigerians for helping me beg my wife to come back home. She is back home and I am satisfied and happy.”

Reaffirming his support for the #EndSARS protests currently going on in different parts of the country he said;

“The people don’t want the Special Anti-Robbery Squad and they don’t welcome the Special Weapons and Tactics team either. All they want is proper training and compensation for police officers because they are human beings too. It is sad that bad eggs in the police brutalize the same citizens they are supposed to protect.

This is the only country we have and we are fighting to make it better. The youths want freedom instead of harassment. They know their rights but those rights are not respected in Nigeria. It is not every young person that is an Internet fraudster. Youths are not saying they do not want police in Nigeria because that is impossible. But, they want a police force that does the right things.”


Interview credit: Punch

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