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Shadel Noble is a Zimbabwean model who is prominently known as the King of runway.As he is one of the few male models from his country who have catwalked in international platforms.

In addition he is the former Mr Zimbabwe. 

Mr Noble has been traditional taking part at the SA Mens Wear Week,rumour has it that this year he wont be taking part. 

Mr Noble who is an award winning model,cleared the air about the rumour and also what the fashion show means to him. 

TR:What has declined in the modeling industry in the past years that you have observed?

SN:The rate of shows and lack of more paying shows, if only we could get more capital being invested into the industry.

TR:Where has the modelling industry taken you?

SN:The modeling industry has take me to various country such as South Africa,Botswana,Swaziland which I am very greatful for.

TR:How do you manage to create a positive relationship with designs that you have worked with?

SN:It’s all about having a good working relationship with the designer understanding what they expect from you as a model and having that respect that comes both way.

TR:Rumour has it that this year you are not taking part in this year’s SAMensWear week,which had been your tradition to attend the event. How far true is that?

SN:Yes this is true I’m am looking to take my brand to another level and even do bigger shows than I have been doing and SA

Mens Wear Week,has helped me to grow as a model now I’m hungry for more bigger platforms but you never know you may just find me modelling again there.

TR:This year which show ramps do you believe we will witness seeing your face in?

SN:All in due time I will be updating you to know which shows but trust me it’s gonna be worthy the wait.

TR:Given a chance to choose between singing and acting which one will be your favourite?

SN:I think acting I’m always ready to try something knew different and exciting.

TR:Besides you as a model you also coach models from your country .What have you observed about their talent?

SN:That there is a lot of talent what’s lacking is the talent to be nurtured.

TR:Where do you draw your inspiration from ?

SN:l draw my inspiration from God he his blessed me with my gifts and I will use them to my fullest.

TR:Last year many people thought that you were out of the picture when it comes to modeling ?

SN:I don’t why as I have been doing loads of commercial work with Edgar’s and taking part in fashion shows.

By Rubaya Tapiwa 

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