John Boyega Resigns As Ambassador For Jo Malone After Replacement By Chinese Actor In AD.

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Hollywood actor, John Boyega, recently took to twitter to announce he was stepping down from his ambassadorial position for Jo Malone.

John in a twitter thread revealed he made the decision to quit the role after the perfume company cut him from the Chinese version of an aftershave advert he helped create.

He said he made the personal video in his home town of London, but it was re-shot for the Chinese market.

He expressed that the company was wrong to have used another actor without his consent or prior notice.

“The film celebrated my personal story – showcasing my hometown, including my friends and featuring my family,

“It’s back to back but I assure you this will be dealt with swiftly. I don’t have time for nonsense. We press on and strong. Stay blessed people.”

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