‘It’s Very Important To Have Professional & Experts In Your Corner’-T.K Zimbawean Model

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The main description given to a home is a place where one gets comfort protection and also when it comes to the title home its all about family.

Tk is a Zimbabwean model who recently joined the CFMMST agency a new home for models.

In an interview with Aftv Mag, T.K provides details on what it means being part of the agency and also which international brands he hopes to work with in future.

Read Interview Excerpt below;

TR:Can you describe yourself using 4 words?

Tk: Me in 4 words? Well i am Fearless, Hardworking ,I’m Fun and very Adventures.

TR:How did you manage to get scouted by CFMMST & get signed by agency?

TK:  To be honest I’ve wanted to be scouted but I didn’t see it or think of it happening the way it  did.I believe though what got me scouted was the wide social media growth I’ve had this year and I’m not so bad on my fashion sense lol (laughing), so i think that could be part of why and I’m thankful that the agency saw something in me to go ahead & sign me.

TR:What are you hoping to gain from working with the agency?

TK: I’m hoping to grow as a brand, get the agency recognised all over and get to travel the world through modeling.

TR:Who is your style muse?

TK: My style muse will have to be Lewis Hamilton.

TR: Being from the city of Kings and Queens, what do you love about your city’s modelling industry?

TK: What I love about my city’s modelling industry is the open mindedness and the urge to express style the way we do. I don’t know if everyone would agree with me but, I believe in Zimbabwe, the City of Kings and Queens has the best style, fashion wise.

TR:Which brands/companies are  you hoping to work with?

TK: I’m hoping to work with brands like ‘Nivea’,’Tommy Hilfiger’ and ‘Hugo Boss’, also sporting brands like ‘New Balance’ and ‘Nike’ too for my other passion,cricket which these brands would compliment that well.

TR:Why do you think its important for one to be guided by professionals especially in the modelling industry in your country?

TK: It’s very important to have professionals & experts in your corner, when it comes to the Modelling industry,especially in my country as this can help perfect my skills & professionalism & what we do as models can be given the due respect in the jobs we do & also the right guidance from professionals, who also know your worth and hardwork you put in to do what’s expected, can assist this to not just be for fun but an income too.

TR:Any wise words to other new or current models?

TK: Wise words to other models would be, to stay focused & always believe in yourself, it’s all one step at a time to reach your goal & a steady progress is best for longevity.

By Rubaya Tapiwa .

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