“I Am Not Married Yet But I Have A Very Serious Relationship”- Munachi Abii Reveals

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Former beauty queen, rapper and actress, Munachi Abii reveals sexual harassment makes the entertainment industry a tough place for women to flourish in a recent Instagram Live chat.

When asked if women have the same opportunities as men in showbiz she said;

“I think women have the same opportunities as men in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, it is not easy for women because of sexual harassment which is a very serious issue in any industry. Women have the same opportunities but it is up to them to carry themselves how they want to.”

Muna starred in a recent blockbuster ”Living in Bondage” said it was not difficult for her to transition into acting.

“It was a bit easier for me because I just had to decide. After I won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant, I got a lot of offers to act in movies but at the time, I didn’t want to do it because I had heard a lot about the industry. However, as time went on, seasons changed and a lot more young people got involved and the stories got better. I then decided to give it a try. People saw something in me and they offered me roles. I didn’t attend any film school; it came naturally to me.”

Speaking on her marital status, Muna says “I am not married yet but I have a very serious relationship.” responding to a fan’s question.


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