Ebony Life Films Debunks Copy Right Infringement On Film ” Oloture”

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Media Magnate and CEO Ebony Life Films Mo Abudu says movie   ‘Oloture‘ story was conceived from in-depth research on sex and human trafficking .

This is on the heels of a copyyright infringement allegations levelled against her film production company by a Ms Ovuorie ” who made the rounds on social media who insists the movie is a ”copy and paste” of her life’s story.

Mo Abudu however debunks this via her Instagram page.

She wrote;

Good evening

Our Attention has again been drawn to the continued media engagements of Ms. Tobore Ovuorie which borders on the unfounded allegation of copyright infringement in relation to Oloture (or “the Movie”) against EbonyLife Films (“EbonyLife” or “the Company”).

We had refrained from placing a rejoinder to Ms. ovuorie’s publication, however, we are constrained at this time, to issue this statement to set the records straight and put an end to the disparaging statements by Ms. Ovuorie.


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