Celebrity Birthdays: Happy Birthday IK Ogbonna!

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Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna is celebrating his 37th birthday today the 11th of January 2021.

Debuting a blonde hairstyle IK took to Instagram to celebrate himself while stating that no one  should celebrate him on his birthday alone if they are not ready to celebrate with him always.

“Times are changing, what used to be our normal yesterday changed to abnormal right before our eyes. Every new Age, we celebrate growth and we forget temporarily that we would never get young again.

“Next new Age is just by the corner, I’m eternally grateful to God for allowing me see this day as undeserving as I am. I’m grateful for the friends that stayed and the friends that left, I’m grateful for people that have endeavored to see me grow in every factor of my life.

“Don’t celebrate me today if you will not celebrate me everyday in your Hearts…Don’t celebrate me if you will not support my growth… today will be gone in another 24 hours but we will still be here to help each other grow. Happy birthday to me ❤️”

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