Actress Sandra Oh is ELLE Canada’s Latest Cover for June

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Korean-Canadian actress, Sandra Oh covers the June 2020 issue of Elle Canada magazine.

The actress talks working alongside Jodie Comer on season three of the award-winning show and being at a place in her career where she can play roles that explore a character’s race.

She explains how she’s now at a place in her career where she can say “no” to certain parts. “I decided that I’m only going to play characters that are essential to the plot, that conduct the narrative and therefore can’t be cut out,” she reveals, adding that “you have to get to a place [in your career] where you can say ‘no.’”

On her career and many achievements

It’s good to hear that people are excited about what I’m doing— especially in the context of having a career that has spanned decades. As you mature, you look for meaning, you look for connection to the world… You’re working for purposefulness—and if you can get that from your work? What a blessing.

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